Blackat (blackat81) wrote in jitterbug_roses,

Requests and other such things.

Hi all,

I just wanted to get you guys opinion on my icons - do you think I should start making more animated icons, rather than the ones I've been making lately? I want to know what style you prefer, and what you want from me, so I can get the best icons out to you guys without wasting my time on things that nobody is going to want. So please post a reply here telling me exactly what you want, and I'll do my best for you guys. :)

Any requests are welcome too!
Tags: requests, update
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I love both of your styles of icons. I'd like to see some more animated ones though, I haven't seen those from you in a while.
i love everything you do, i like the classic stars and i also really like the disney icons
I love your icons!

I just wish there were more Jud and Mick icons!

I love eeeeeeeverything!

Although I miss the Marilyn icons :(

Im sure everyone will agree that whatever you choose to make is fine with us ;p



October 13 2006, 00:33:43 UTC 11 years ago

I saw your work on SimplyClassics and was just in awe...

Do you have anything for Gary Cooper?

I have a couple ideas, but I know you're busy with school and just send me a message on SimplyClassics when you have the time (My screenname is Melvin!?)

Thanks so much!
Oh, ahahaha - I've already commented . . . XD

But I think I like your more lighter ones - the darker colors seem to downplay the picture.

Oh, and more Friends Only banners would be great. :D
Actually, I was having the exact same thought just as I posted my new icons up! :D