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Tutorial #1

Learn how to go from

this - to this -

Step one!

Using this screencap, I cropped it down to this using the crop tool -

Step two!

I then duplicated the layer twice, setting the first one to "soft light" at 100 percent, and the second one to "screen" at 100 percent. Then I flattened all the layers. Here's what I've got so far -

Step three!

I created a new layer, and filled it with this colour - #0400A7 (should be a royal blue colour). I set it to "exclusion" at 49 percent. I then upped the contrast to +12 using the brightness/contrast option. (adjustments > brightness/contrast) You should get a result somewhat like this -

Step four!

Now, my favourite part! I went to adjustments > colour balance, and took the slider towards the cyan side -68. (You can just type -68 in the first box up the top) I then slid the magenta down to -39, which you can put in the second box to make it easier. After that, I upped the contrast to +7 using the brightness/contrast option again. This is where I'm at now -

Step five!

Okey doke, ready for the next step? I took the sharpen tool at 11 percent strength, and used to lightly sharpen her hair, eyes, mouth and any other area like that. Then I took the blur tool at 15 percent strength, and lightly blurred her cheeks, forehead, chin, and the background slightly. Then, I created a new layer, set it to "lighten" and took the colour #FF005A (should be a reddish pink) and used the "soft brush" (you know, there's the first set of circle shaped brushes, then a second "softer" set that comes with photoshop) at size 100 to put a reddish tinge to the lefthand side of the icon. You should have something like this -

Step six!

Finally, I used a tiny text brush from somewhere I can't remember (just two lines of tiny text), and I put Shirley's name above it using the font "DpScript". And here's my final product -

It's ever so slightly different from my original icon, but you can't duplicate anything perfectly! You can use this tutorial to create icons of your own, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't copy this icon exactly. :)

Comments are welcome!
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